Resource Calendar

Events listed on are highlighted parishwide events. For a list of all functions going on within the parish. Please view our resource calendar.

event Scheduling

Meeting/Event Space Reservation

Please note: Saturday Evening Events are only accepted on a case by case basis and available for PARISHIONERS ONLY. Parish sponsored events will always take precedence.

Includes ALL forms (Meeting space reservation, map, application for special events coverage, Liquor insurance, and Fob agreement)

Complete this form only if liability insurance is NOT required (parish sponsored events only)

Application form for special event coverage (liability insurance) if you do not have your own liability coverage.
Please allow 3 weeks processing.

Fees: Please contact the parish office regarding rental fees; $100 for Special Event Insurance if needed.

Liquor Liability Insurance Form is to be used for events where alcoholic beverages (including beer & wine) will be sold. This includes “cash bars” at wedding receptions and events where alcoholic beverages are included in the price of a ticket. This additional coverage is not necessary if the alcoholic beverages are being served only, not sold.

  • To reserve meeting space at our parish, please contact Katherine Gibbons for scheduling and room availability.

    • Please view the parish resource calendar above to view events on the parish calendar to view availability

    • Download and fill out the event space request forms.

    • Send completed forms to Katherine Gibbons with payment for special events liability insurance, if required. You may also provide a copy of your own COI. (Parish sponsored events DO NOT require additional liability insurance, as events are covered under Diocesan rules)

    • Events are not confirmed until all forms are completed and received. Events requiring special events coverage should allow for 3 weeks processing.

  • For further promotional questions, contact Katherine Gibbons.


  • For placing an announcement in our bulletin, please email Bulletin announcements should include the following:

  • Headline

  • Brief 2-3 sentence description

  • Event Location

  • Contact information.

  • Submissions are due by Monday at 12:00 p.m. for publication the upcoming weekend.

  • For bulletin advertising, contact Bernie Ervin Liturgical Publications via email or by phone at 1-800-477-4574.


We asked new and existing families alike, “How would you describe Immaculate Conception in one word?” Many people responded with such words as “welcoming,” “inspiring,” “diverse,” “warm,” and “engaging.”

In our logo, the curved lines of the image of Mary emphasize her warm embrace and comforting presence. The absence of facial features allows us to imagine for ourselves how Mary and her son may have looked upon one another.  And we are certain that many more interpretations of this new logo will surface in the hearts and minds of all who view it.