The Pastoral Leadership Council (PLC) is a consultative body of 12 parishioners, appointed by the Pastor to 4 year terms after a nomination and discernment process. Our Pastor consults the PLC to help him make wise decisions that are responsive to the unique identity and priorities of the Immaculate Conception parish community.  The PLC also engages the congregation in planning for the future. 

The PLC engages in the following tasks.

  1. Provide leadership in long term parish planning and visions.
  2. Identify the mood, spirit and emerging trends of the parish.
  3. Bring forth concerns, requests or needs from the parish.
  4. Offer reflections, reviews and recommendations on parish ministries.
  5. Provide facilitated leadership around broad-based issues. 


The PLC meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  Meeting times and date changes are announced in the bulletin.