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We need volunteers to assist with signing folks up after Mass, Greeting families coming to their photography sessions, and folks to assist with contacting families and sending out reminders. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact Vy Barto or Katherine Gibbons in the parish office.

Schedule your appointment to take your directory Photos!

We are updating our photo directory. I know you are all busy.  After the last photo session, there were still a few families who were not able to have their photos taken. Fr. John was also not here at the time. For ONE DAY only, we will have a make up session for those families who were not able to make the first or second go round right here at Immaculate Conception. All families photographed will receive a free directory and a free 8x10" photo of their choice! 

Participate in our upcoming professional photography session:

  • January 23, 2019

To schedule your appointment, click the Schedule Appointment Button above, visit the sign up table in the commons, or contact Vy Barto or Katherine Gibbons at (757) 826-0393.  


If the dates available DO NOT WORK for you, you may also call (866) 756-0281, where you can go to another local church for photography. Just be sure to give them our account number: #233091, so that you don't end up in their directory, but ours.