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Please turn your volume up to hear Father's remarks.

Since Charlottesville, Fr. has mentioned the stain of racism, of hatred, in several homilies. Many sense a loss of hope amidst this recent incident in Charlottesville. There is a sense not only of a loss of hope in the midst of Charlottesville, but finding hope in light of the devastation in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey. There is a sense, too, of finding hope in light of the continued escalation in North Korea and another missile launch; of finding hope in the weeks and months ahead for our Diocese, which is Bishop-less at the moment; who will Pope Francis send to us? And, too, for so many of you, in your personal lives, there is a sense of finding hope after losing someone you love, or losing your job, or losing the joy you once had. It can be scary. It can pull us down.

And two weeks ago, Fr. challenged us get on our knees and pray… to keep our focus on Jesus… and he also said that we would have an opportunity to come together as a parish community to pray. That opportunity is Wednesday, September 20th at 7:00 p.m. with our Evening Prayer for Hope.  Our gathering will not be a Mass, but a simple evening prayer. We’ll gather in silence, begin by renewing our baptismal promises, hear a reading, sing a hymn, hear a Psalm, have a brief homily, and then offer prayers of hope. The liturgy will draw from the richness of the symbols and rituals in our Triduum liturgies. There will be darkness, there will be light and candles. There will be the use of waters from our font. There will be silence. There will be a progression from darkness to light. Prayers, petitions for hope will be read aloud.

Wednesday, September 20th is a night for us to gather and together, experience peace, healing, each other, but more so, the hope that is rooted in God and found—and is strong—in our great community. Join us. Let’s come together in hope.

Share your own words or prayers of hope HAS CLOSED. 
Please join us on Wednesday 10/20 at 7PM to hear the Prayers/words of hope from our Parish Community.