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Fr. Martin's book: 
Building a Bridge


Fr. James Martin, SJ, recently published an important new book entitled Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion and Sensitivity.

The Roman Catholic Church has a beautiful and insightful set of teachings concerning human sexuality, marriage and the spiritual meaning of all human relationship. The Church's traditional teaching regarding sexuality challenges all of us to greater faithfulness, generosity, and chastity.

Gay and Lesbian Catholics sometimes wonder if they are "welcome in the church." Some of the language used in the Church's official teaching may, at times, give the impression that the Church seeks to condemn or judge people based solely on their sexual orientation. Individuals and families have sometimes experienced harsh reactions, poor advice or a lack of welcome in parishes.

Fr. Michael Renninger will lead and facilitate a 3 hour session exploring important issues raised by Church teaching, and the valuable experience of gay and lesbian people as they seek to live their Catholic faith. Join us for this important discussion.

Prior reading of the book is not required to attend, but is recommended. Fr. Martin's book is available for purchase online at Amazon.com.

For further questions, please contact Cass Hooker at chooker@icchampton.org or (757) 826-0393 x 222.

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