Advent means coming. During the Advent season we reflect on the past coming of Jesus into our world two thousand years ago as a little baby, the daily coming of Jesus through the Sacraments, through the Holy Bible and through the worshiping community and the future coming (Second Coming) of Jesus at the end of the world. Today’s readings remind us that the past, present and future comings of Jesus into the world are the fulfillment of the saving plan of God. Today’s Scripture readings deal with coming home – Babylonian exiles coming home, the shalom or perfect peace of coming home, our going home with Jesus at his Second Coming, and Jesus, the Savior, “coming home” into our lives during Advent. While Matthew and Luke start their Gospels by giving us a brief account of the conception, birth, and early boyhood of Christ and John begins his Gospel by pointing to the eternal life of Christ as the Word of the Father, Mark opens his Gospel with the preparation for Christ’s public life, in which the chief actor is John the Baptist. Th is wilderness prophet proclaims the “here-ness” of an event and person every Jew has been anticipating. “One more powerful than I,” John announces, “is to come aft er me....I have baptized you in water; He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit.” Th e essence of the Baptizer’s message is “repent and return to the ways of the Lord.” John preaches that the appropriate behavior for those preparing “the way of the Lord” is to be baptized “as they confess their sins.” (Vatican News) In looking at our readings for the 2nd Sunday of Advent we can perhaps consider also, the beginning of our 50th anniversary year here at our parish. Our focus for this year is We Are Called… Disciples on a Journey. Our readings ask us to reflect back, then consider today and finally look forward with hope to the future. During this year, perhaps we can also consider where we have been as a parish in its beginnings, our founding parishioners, our first Pastors, then consider where we are today—who are those we minister beside, how do we welcome others and lastly to have hope that as we grow in faith and relationship with Jesus, we may come to a deeper prayer and a more profound love of the Body of Christ. Indeed we are on a journey because we were called. We are invited to look at our faith and relationships of the past, the now and the future. How has Jesus informed our lives?