On Sunday, May 1st, Fr. Bob French will celebrate his 53rd Anniversary of Ordination. Age and health problems have slowed him down, but he still occasionally helps out in area parishes.

Monsignor Bob Perkins is ordained for 45 years. His time and energy are devoted to reading, exercise, and helping out in parishes as needed. Fr. French regularly advises him on the benefits of short homilies.

Fr. Sean Prince, in comparison, is like the Energizer Bunny. Ordained for 4 years, his youth, vision, and apparently unlimited energy are his gifts to the parish community. Together these priests represent 102 years of pastoral experience and wisdom.

Do you thank them? Of course! Do you pray for them? Certainly, absolutely, regularly, each day, beginning right now! 

Fr. Bob French - 53 Years Ordained

Msgr. Bob Perkins - 45 Years Ordained

Fr. Sean Prince - 4 Years Ordained