Our Membership Engagement Survey results are in, and Immaculate Conception is 41% engaged! Don’t worry! That’s a good thing! That means we are 11% above the national average for US Catholic parishes, according to Gallup.

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Figure 1: Engagement Pyramid

Engagement is defined by Gallup as having members with a strong psychological connection to the parish. They are spiritually committed, invite friends and family to Mass, and give back with time, talent or treasure. Becoming engaged at a parish, though, is a multi-step process that builds on itself (See Figure 1). When you receive something from the parish (e.g. a positive experience of Mass), then the natural inclination is to later give back, often in the form of service or tithing. And over time, the meshing of giving and getting leads to a feeling of belonging within the community, and ultimately growing in one’s faith.

Results Highlights

Gallup’s ME25 survey, conducted here in November 2015, scores engagement, spiritual commitment, outcomes and demographics on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).

In engagement, we scored above average on the following statements:

  • “My spiritual needs are met.”
  • “Spiritual leaders in my parish seem to care about me as a person.”
  • “Other members of my parish are committed to spiritual growth.”
  • “I have opportunities to learn and grow.”

And we scored below average on the following:

  • “In the last six months someone in my parish has talked to me about the progress of my spiritual growth.”
  • “Aside from family members, I have a best friend in my parish.”
  • “In the last month, I have received recognition or praise from someone in my parish.”

The results of this survey have been shared with the Parish Leadership Council and Finance Committee, as well as the parish staff. Because it is our hope that engagement in the parish will continue to increase each year, recommendations in response to these results are under review at this time.


What about these results surprised you? What do you think is being done well? Or perhaps, what could be done better? Please consider taking a few moments to fill out our online anonymous feedback form: