Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Resource Booklet

Interested in finding out how you can join a ministry at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church?

Download our Resource Booklet Today! Find a ministry, contact the ministry lead, and share your talents and time! It's that simple!*

Our parish community is a diverse group people of varied ages, backgrounds, experiences, occupations, and skills. Our hope with this ministry resource booklet is for you to learn about our different ministries and discern which ministries you can participate in, not only to give in your time or talents, but also to forge new friendships. We also hope that all in your household can be able to fully experience our parish community in worship, formation, service.  We are one parish community.

*Please note: Some ministries may require additional training or screening.

For updates to or more information regarding this resource booklet, please contact Katherine Gibbons, at

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